Is my business too small to need an answering service?
Making the decision to utilize an answering service is less about the size of your company and more about elevating the service to your customers. Many of our customers have found it’s even more important to use an answering service while they’re    growing their business and each individual customer has a bigger impact on the business as a whole.

Can I afford an answering service?
Our rates are structured to be affordable to every business from a one-man show to a national business with multiple offices. Rates start at less than $50 a month. The real question is, can you afford not to use one and risk losing valuable customers.

Does Access Answering Service outsource their operators?
No. In addition to being family owned and operated, all of our operators are U.S. based and managed from a local office.

What are your hours?
We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What areas do you cover?
Access Answering Service is nationwide and even has toll free numbers available for you to utilize.

Can you manage multiple offices in different locations?
Absolutely. We can set up multiple offices under one account or give each office a separate account.

How many calls can I receive through the answering service?
There is virtually no limit to the number of calls we can manage. We have the staff and equipment to handle any call volume.

How do I retrieve my messages?
There are several ways you can receive your messages. We can deliver them via phone call, text, email or fax. In addition, you can call in any time of day or night to retrieve them.

Will my clients know an answering service is answering my phone?
That is strictly up to you. We give you the flexibility to state how you want us to answer your phones. Most clients have us answer calls in the same way as during business hours, but that’s up to you.

How long does it take to setup my account?
Set up is extremely easy. We simply have you fill out a single page sign up form and we will have your account up within 24 hours of receiving that form.

Do I have to sign a contract?
No. We don't use contracts. We at Access Answering Service pride ourselves on earning and maintaining your business by the service we provide rather than the contract you sign.

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